Why Discreet Advisory

Why we started Discreet Advisory

Clients requiring assistance will naturally seek the best advice they can get.

The natural path a client will follow will be to utilise the first advisor that gains their confidence for all their affairs. This often creates a tension with the advisor who is usually duty bound or legally obliged to use the fellow professionals in their firm, even if they are not the most suitable for the task.

Discreet Advisory Services does not offer legal advice but identifies the key issues which you need to address and seeks the most appropriate professional firm to assist you.

Why Discreet Advisory is different

We aim to save our clients time so they can be free to pursue other interests.

We are not tied to any particular professional services firm.

We are able to refer our clients to the appropriate experts.

Our dedicated team of senior professionals can draw on over 100 years of professional experience between them, experience gained in market leading firms based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America across a wide range of disciplines and in a wide number of jurisdictions

We coordinate the deal process and ensure that there is a consistency of instructions and advice to our clients by their various advisors, and ensure matters are conducted in the most cost effective and timely manner.

We monitor progress.

Our history

The provision of professional services in today’s dynamic global environment is growing ever more complex, with individuals and corporate entities invariably struggling to find one single firm to meet their increasingly diverse requirements.

Discreet Advisory Services was established to serve as its clients’ by acting as their general consultants, with experts able to assist with any matter that may arise, across multiple disciplines and professions. Discreet Advisory Services manages the entire process for the client, who may have multiple matters requiring numerous experts’ assistance.

Our clients’ interests are broad spectrum, ranging from secondary citizenship applications through corporate and contractual issues to international arbitration or dispute resolution.

Discreet Advisory Services has available to it considerable linguistic expertise and an extensive network of international connections. We offer clarity and support in navigating unchartered waters and administrative systems, delivering practical and cost effective assistance, and devise innovative solutions to complex issues.

We aim to become our clients most trusted advisor and confidant, ensuring that our clients’ interests are resolved satisfactorily in a timely and cost efficient manner.